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Hair Loss/Alopecia Aerata

If you are losing your hair, be it through the devastating effects of chemotherapy, cancer or some other illness or treatment, or if you have poor hair stying done in the past where they've used glue and it pulled your hair out, or if you have some for of alopecia (female hair loss), we can help you. We have been corrected, and fixing and working with those with thinning or those losing their hair  and those suffering from severe hair loss for years
Whether it be through a sew in or extensions or whether you would like us to make you one of our professionally designed custom wigs, or whether we work with you with our root stimulizer treatment we will give you back the look you love!
To the left is one of our custom designed Wigs! Call today and we'll get started on yours! If you're interested in getting a wig made, you must call for a sitting for a fitting. We will have to measure you to ensure what we make will fit you perfectly!